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5 Secret Recipes To Create A Successful Blog For Writers


The success of a blog or a website lies in the hand of its followers. A successful blog. This is one proverb I truly believe and trust with all my life. You can have the best website or the most popular content in the world but if there is no readers, then you are not going anywhere soon. So, what can do you to boost your followers?

1. Types of followers affects a successful blog

If you want to boost your followers, you got to know that there are just two types of followers in general. The first one is always the normal or leisure followers who remembers your website and will visit your site from time to time.

The second type of followers are the one most important who will be bookmarking your articles, like your Facebook page and even give you valuable backlinks. Lucky for you, I am going to explain to you in this article (as we proceed further below), how you can increase your readership not only with general readers but also to create loyal readers.

Types of followers affects a successful blog
Types of followers affects a successful blog

2. The right content will capture the heart of your readers

Content is always important no matter what you do. If you want to have a good amount of readers, then you should be focused on the content you are going to share in your website. In another word, writing quality materials will attract more readers than haters.

3. Focus on solving problems not creating more problems

a successful blog

If you want to be successful in blogging and have a huge numbers of readers, you should focus on creating more problem solving articles instead of articles describing an issue. As you all know, Google is the main tool when it comes to finding a solution. Therefore if you want to create a very popular blog, always remember to be the problem solver and not just describing the problem. If you are able to create and maintain a blog that is mainly on problem solving, you are definitely going to get not only a high traffic site but also a very profitable blog!

4. Use the right post title to create better search results

As a blogger, the factors that determine the success of your website is purely on traffic. Therefore, you got to think out of the box if you want to boost your site traffic. One of the best ways is to modify your articles title to be more specific. For a very simple example, (assuming that you have 5 articles which are talking about ‘money making’, you can change these title articles to have the sentence ‘money making’. Simple by creating 5 articles with that search term, you are indirectly creating a chance for a better search result whenever anyone is searching for such term. This doesn’t take more than 30 minutes and you could easily see a traffic boost in a very short period.

a successful blog

5. Social media increases visibility and followers

Last but not least, I don’t understand why getting traffic is so hard. I know many of us who are busy searching for traffic but why do you actually need that when you have social media? There are millions logging into Twitter, Facebook and Google+ every day. Therefore, simply by posting a very relevant post and a quick link to your article, you are going to get a huge traffic boost. Who knows, you might even get valuable followers from this as well! Besides that, I also realized that articles posted on social networks receive better rating and search engine page results. Successful blog

I hope these tips will be very useful for you especially when it comes to creating a successful blog or website. Allow me to recommend you the highly rated article here at HowToMakeOn.

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