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How to make money with WordPress websites and affiliate programs


When it comes to makes money online, I always recommend blogging, because blogging is one of the best ways to make money. How to make money with WordPress. It is an easy way to make money online. The best thing is that every person in this world can do blogging and make money.

Today I am going to share about how you can make more money with WordPress sites or blogs and monetize them with affiliate programs.

How to make money with WordPress
How to make money with WordPress

How to make money with WordPress .The very first thing is to understand, what is blogging?

Blogging is the best way to make money online. In blogging you create or run an online blog where you write regularly on the topics you have decided and share that on various social networks.

To start a blog you need few things:

1) Domain Name:

According to the Complete Domain name guide, “Domain name is the most crucial and most important factor of any online business.”

Where a right domain name can bring sunshine to your blog, a wrong domain name can destroy your reputation. It is really necessary that you should choose a domain name which is relevant to your business, include keywords, make it short & simple, avoid copyright issues and do not use hyphens or numbers in domain name.How to make money with WordPress

A perfect example of a domain name that suits this criterion is Casino.com As you can see the domain name is simple but tells you that the website is about online casino.  It has the word casino which is a part of most keywords in the industry.How to make money with WordPress

Another example is Techxmaster.com You will quickly know that the site is about technology because of the word tech. Just like casino.com the domain name is easy to remember.

Remember: The domain name is the name of your business, so do not make any mistakes when choosing a new domain name for your business.

2) Web-Hosting:

It is always recommended to buy hosting and run self-hosted blogs. Why? Because in self-hosted blogs you have full control over the hosting and content of your blog, but in free hosting you have limited control. More control is always better.

You can buy web hosting from best web hosting service providers such as HostGator, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc. If you read this guide you will learn how to choose the best hosting WordPress sites.How to make money with WordPress

You will also get complete support for any issue related to your hosting or security of your site or blogs.

3) Buy premium Theme:

Now as you have decided to buy a domain name and web hosting, the next thing is to choose a user-friendly design for your blog. You should choose a design which not only look goods but should also match the niche of your blog. You should also focus on the font styles, color navigation styles and animations in the theme.How to make money with WordPress

Make sure the theme you choose displays the most important content at homepage and navigation for all other posts and pages. As you want to make money with affiliate programs, make sure the theme is good for running affiliate ads.

With premium theme you also get complete support. The most recommended premium themes are Genesis and Divi.

4) CMS:

Now as you have all the things and going to launch your blog, remember WordPress is the best CMS for you. WordPress is easy and fully customizable. Even if you do not have coding knowledge still you can customize it with the help of plug-in and online tutorials.How to make money with WordPress

More than 16% of websites and blogs are running on WordPress platform. This shows how popular it is.

WordPress offers thousands of plug-ins to not only customize your blog but also easily install social sharing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO.

Now as you have created your first blog, there are few other things which you should have on your blog from day one.

1) Social Sharing Widget:

You should install a social sharing widget on your blog to show social sharing buttons on every post and page. It will help you to easily gain more social shares. When readers will visit your blog and find interesting content they will share it on their own social networks.

It will help you to get more traffic and more popularity.How to make money with WordPress

2) Email marketing campaign:

You should have a good email marketing service such as Aweber.com on your blog from day one. This will help the readers to subscribe your blog and get every new update in their inbox.How to make money with WordPress

This will also help you to boost traffic and also share various affiliate offers or discounts with your existing

3) Important pages:

There are few pages that are really important for every blog or business. These pages are:

About Us

Contact Us


Privacy policy


These are the pages that will help not only your readers but search engine also to determine what your site or blog is all about.

Now let`s see how you can make more money with WordPress and Affiliate programs:

How to make more money with WordPress websites and AFFILIATE PROGRAMS

1) Choose Brand Affiliate products:

It is always easy to promote a brand product. A business becomes brand when it gains the trust of people around the world. Brands are always popular and many times people just buy their products to show their social or financial status.How to make money with WordPress

The conversion rate of brand products is always high.

For example: Casino.com is the most popular brand in casino gaming industry. Every single person who plays online casino games already trusts this site. That is why the conversion rate of casino affiliate program is much higher than other sites.How to make money with WordPress

2) Choose products related to your niche:

If you want to generate high conversion rates then you should focus on what your readers wants from your site. When you offer the same product or service which your readers already in need, then you can easily generate more sales.How to make money with WordPress

Remember: Never push a product unnecessarily. Only promote which is relevant to your own blog or site content.

3) Join popular affiliate marketplace:

You may find it hard and time consuming to join every single website and apply their affiliate program. I recommend you to join popular affiliate marketplace such as CJ, Shareasale, Clickbank etc.

The benefit of joining these popular affiliate marketplaces is that you need not to go to many sites;you can find all the popular brands and their products at one place. It saves time and you can easily apply for the products you want to promote.How to make money with WordPress

Second benefit is that popular affiliate marketplace always offer support in case of any issue and also offer various payment options such as Check, Wire Transfer, PayPal etc.

4) Use Affiliate plugin on WordPress:

If you are running a website on WordPress, then you already know that WordPress offer free plug-in for various purposes. You can also use Free Plug-in to easily manage the affiliate links on your blog. Affiliates plug-in also help you to keep track of the visits and conversions.How to make money with WordPress

These are the 4 helpful tips that will help you to make more money with WordPress websites and affiliate programs. We recommend you to see our articles in the how to make category that we have prepared for you.

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