Nowadays, there are many people saying that blogging is either dead or competition is extremely high. Make Money With Blogs. Well, as much as you heard about them, they are so true. Honestly, blogging these days are very much different from what five years back or so. Those times, you could easily monetize your website with advertisements but in this era now, you need more than that to make money with it. Lucky for you, this article will explain everything you should know about website monetization and easy methods for you to start earning money by blogging.

1. Advertisement revenue with Google Adsense

It doesn’t matter you like it or not, Google Adsense is still the best way for website monetization. if you are comparing the revenue with just one click, of course you are not going to see the whole story. if you think that you can earn money through Google Adsense just by advertisement clicks, then you are dead wrong! There are many ways to monetize with Google Adsense such as advertisement in:

  • Content
  • Feeds
  • Mobile search
  • Search bar
  • CPM campaigns

If you want to make money with Google Adsense, you would need to focus on just one thing which is traffic. The more traffic you get, the more CPM campaigns that will be assigned to you which will definitely boost your earning big time. If you are wondering what does CPM means, it is known as Cost Per Million. In another words, visitors do not need to click on the ad but for every unique view you get, you are being paid directly. Less hassle and more earning this way. Make Money With Blogs

2. In-text advertising possibilities, Make Money With Blogs

This is another form of website monetizing with a twist. Now, you heard about in-text advertising but have no idea what it is or how it works? Let me have the honour to explain that to you. In-text advertising works simply by incorporating advertisements on specific keywords. When the mouse is hover across the keyword, a small ad will pop up and you will earn money for every click done to it. basically, this is a good revolution in advertising as instead of having just 3 ads banners per page (example Google Adsense), you can now place even more and indirectly increasing the advertisement revenue.Make Money With Blogs

Many bloggers claimed that they do not earn enough with these in-text advertising such as with the famous Infolinks and Kontera. There is basically only one way to make money with in-text advertising which is with high traffic. Low traffic websites will not earn that much compared to a popular website as the more traffic you have, the more chances of getting clicks with the in-text advertising. Make Money With Blogs

3. Affiliate programs banners and advertisements

Who says that you can only earn money with advertisement banners? Do you know that simply by placing your affiliate program banners, links or advertisements can actually boost indirect income to you in the long run? Don’t forget that there are many affiliate programs that actually offers referral bonus for life. Simply have a look at this website. What do you see? My banners rotate accordingly especially when it comes to affiliate and referral programs. Again, this will work when you have a lot of traffic which increases the overall page impression.

4. Sell your products on your website

If monetizing is what you are thinking, how about promoting your products and services using your website? Well, you might not get a single click on your advertisement but simply by promoting your product on your website, you are actually opening up a huge path way for sale to all your incoming visitors. Make Money With Blogs. It doesn’t matter if they will be on your site for just 10 seconds or 10 minutes, every attempt to display your item is there and this will definitely boost your sales. Make Money With Blogs

5. Market your website for advertising

This is the best way to make money out of any website. Yes, you hear me loud and clear! This is the ultimate way when it comes to making insane revenue from your site. All you have to do is to ensure that you achieve the minimum traffic required and you can sell advertisement space to them. Make Money With Blogs

Of course, you would need to work out advertising packages of different sizes and time period. If you are able to pull this through, you would well be earning hundreds and thousands monthly with your website. Bear in mind that there are hundreds and thousands of advertisers trying to find the right spot for advertising. Your website might be the next one and what you should do right now is to start increasing your traffic! Make Money With Blogs

In short, I hope at least some of these website or blog monetization tips will help you earn money online. I know it is tough when it comes to having a self domain and earning money with it but you should never, ever give up. Meantime, here is another article I know will interest you, We recommend you to see our articles in the how to make category that we have prepared for you.

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